Lyndex Gloves Reviews
Lyndex Gloves Reviews

Lyndex Gloves Reviews: The coolant-no disk, special nut, or wrench needed for these collet bolts, with Lyndex Gloves fitted with back-up screws. Lyndex 16C high-quality hex collet supplies M47.5 x P1.75RH
“Internal threads, external and 1-11/16”-20RH internal threads. Opening at 3/4-inch.

Lyndex Gloves Reviews

Size, 4.31-inch length, 2.26-inch top diameter, 1.89-inch.
The bottom of the diameter.

TIR: <.0001″ on the face of the collet
Made of nickel chrome molybdenum alloy, hardened to 55-58 Rc.
Ground surface for perpendicular contact between the holding knob and the holder.

Lyndex Gloves Reviews
Lyndex Gloves Reviews

AT3 or better contact with taper: .0028° variation in tolerance 80 to 126 millionths

Drive keys milled at the same depth for symmetrical body design.

The body is equal in diameter to the size of the nut for higher rigidity and also prevents chips from packing in or wrapping around the ER ball bearing nuts (installed).

Lyndex Gloves Reviews
Lyndex Gloves Reviews

The ground collet’s face.

Smooth to prevent the flare of the coolant and to provide a better balance.

Provide 50 percent more grip power than standard nuts.

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